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Holger Heller, MBA

Holger Heller, MBA

Passionate potential developer and managing director at Quantuum. Born in 1968, educated at the University of Graz, WU Vienna, Goizueta Business School (Atlanta, US). Systemic organizational developer and executive coach (ISB Heidelberg).

Is often called in when things are tricky. Practices a systemic approach, gets to the bottom of things and addresses them. With a critical eye on the context, conditions and organizational dynamics. Enjoys taking unusual paths to arrive at broadly supported solutions. Has worked in leadership positions in diverse worlds (e.g. international organization, diplomacy, NGO, industry association, university/business school, founder) and held a variety of roles in transformational processes.


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Mischa Altmann, MSc, MEng

Mischa Altmann, MSc, MEng

Creative lateral thinker and managing director at Quantuum. Born 1982, studied at the University of Leeds (electrical engineering & business), BTH Sweden (strategic leadership towards sustainability), organizational consultant, trainer, and sustainability expert.

Internationally educated creative lateral thinker and (virtual) space designer. Brings broad cultural and technical understanding from diverse international professional and personal life experiences. Serious and cheerful, maintains a view of the bigger picture. Virtuously condenses working results into the digestible packages and delivers these in words and pictures (graphic recording). An (ex-)engineer dedicated to strengthening human relationships  and exploring consciousness.


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In the course of our professional life, we have had the opportunity to accompany many people and small and very large companies and organizations. We measure successful projects by the fact that the culture and tools we develop together in the process stand the test of time.

„I was completely impressed with how you and your team facilitated this event, both personally and technically. For virtual events, I have not experienced anything else even close in this long Corona time. For me, it was an eye-opener on how to engage attendees even via zoom. [...] Congratulations!!!“

Ludwig Möhring (BVEG - Federal Association for Oil, Gas and Geothermalenergy)

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